Touch-Interactive Directions

Wayfinding is a type of touchscreen kiosk application that aids visitors in navigating through building structures likes malls, convention centers, and airports. Our wayfinding applications are custom made to your building and can allow your visitors to search via floor, category, or keyword. You can optionally include sections for paid advertisements in the kiosks located in high traffic areas.

Other optional additions include the ability to:

  • Embed a coupon printing component that is ideal for shopping centers.
  • Add event or convention room scheduling with information.
  • Send live emergency messages or urgent updates to each kiosk.


Custom UI's

The design is up to you.

Signage Management

Our wayfinding application is run through Q-Sign, our signage management software. With Q-Sign, you can manage multiple kiosks through a remote PC; removing the requirement of being physically there. From your remote PC, you can also send instantaneous emergency alerts and broadcasts to all kiosks.

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Our kiosks are fantastic with Wayfinding. They come as a complete hardware and software solution package that includes a Samsung panel with a touchscreen overlay, a built in PC with preinstalled Windows, and an outer frame with a backlit logo insert area. They can be customized to any shape and orientation, placed outdoors, and can be dual sided. Different components such as a webcam, credit card reader, bar code scanner, and thermal printer can be embedded into the outer frame.

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