Commercial Display

ZDS offers high quality commercial grade LED back-lit LCD displays. Our displays are of the newest technology on the market, and set a new standard for Tiled Matrix hyperwall displays.

LED backlighting is great for reducing energy and allows for a thin display panel. Each panel supports 1080p, and each added panel adds another 1080p to the resolution -- allowing for large images or videos to span across multiple configured display panels without stretching or losing image quality.

ZDS is also setting a new quality standard in being able to offer the thinnest bezel size available--3.7mm across from image to image.

Displays are equipped with an advanced heat dispatching technology which allows continuous operation. The response time is a fast

Ultra Narrow Bezel

Our UNB displays have the thinnest bezel in the market: 3.7mm from bezel to bezel. They range from 40"-55" with a 16:9 aspect ratio. They are currently the highest quality displays for video walls on the market. They are gorgeous in person and simply cannot be compared to consumer panels. The UNB is best for content that must be displayed on the most stunning video wall possible.

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Super Narrow Bezel

Our SNB displays measure 5.5mm thin from bezel to bezel and range from 40"-55" with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The USB is NASA's choice for displaying 6k resolution content.

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Narrow Bezel

Our NB displays measure 6.7mm thin from bezel to bezel and are available in 46" with a 16:9 aspect ratio. They are ideal for video walls with content that do not require the thinnest bezel.

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Square Panel

Our square panels are matte, elegant displays that measure at 21.5" diagonally. They are ideal as interior design elements.

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