Assembly: Live Controller

Assembly is an easy to use and fully customizable presentation management system designed specifically for touch display and Hyperwall pairings, with the unique ability to engage viewers by sending music, pictures, and video from the touch table directly to a connected screen of any size and array, including high resolution 4K video walls.

This one-of-a-kind technology opens the doors to exciting new methods of presentation that will rise above current standards. No longer limited to proceeding slide-by-slide in a predefined order, Assembly lets you choose exactly which content you wish to show and when to show it, allowing for easy on the fly changes.

Aside from being a powerful platform for presentations, Assembly doubles as a highly informative kiosk for public spaces and events. As an information tool, users can select the categories and information they wish to learn more about, read from live Twitter and RSS feeds, and send their findings to a connected display for all to see.

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Software Features

Customizable UI

Every aspect of Assembly is fully customizable. The front end layout including the background, category and subcategory icons, fonts, and colors are all editable to give your presentation its own unique design.

Self Maintained

The built in post management system allows administrative users to change audio, image, and video content at any time with just a few mouse clicks. Every piece of information which gets uploaded can be edited, deleted, or moved at any time.

Single PC Platform

Assembly is part of a single PC base platform, which makes installation and maintenance simple. Our solutions boast cost effective yet powerful solutions that are easy to learn.

Social Media

Assembly offers optional social media connectivity that gives you the ability to display Twitter and RSS feeds as their own categories. Optional webcams allow users to take photos and share them through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.


Recommended Hardware

Video Wall

Assembly was made specifically with our video walls in mind, and ties an arrangement of single displays into one. With a 2x2 video wall, Assembly empowers you to display at 4k resolution. At 3x3, Assembly can display up to 6k resolution.

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Touch Table Kiosk

Our touch table kiosk serves as a touchscreen remote for the video wall, giving you live control.

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A compact, lightweight, and powerful PC that keeps cool, the ZSI-58 is the computer of choice to run Assembly.

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*All of our products are assembled and serviced in South San Francisco, CA