VLC Sync

What It's For

The VLC Station Controller was created for a multi-display setup with a need to simultaneously start videos of different lengths. It calculates the time differences to ensure that each display begins its video at the same time. This setup is required for instances where multiple viewers must watch videos by moving from one display to the next.

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How It Works


A single managing PC controls an infinite number of display stations through a wired or wireless network. Stations utilize VLC Media Player, guaranteeing high quality and reliability.

Display Stations

Each station runs "Station Controller", through which essential functions can be executed and video can be displayed. The application hides the desktop and taskbar in order to disable PC tampering by guests.

Managing PC

The managing PC has full vision and control over what each station is displaying. From here, videos can be uploaded to the selected stations and controlled.

NASA A-Mazes You

NASA's "A-Mazes You" exhibit features five video wall stations, each with their own video to allow maze visitors to watch one after the other. This exhibit utilizes the VLC Station Controller to ensure that as a visitor moves from one station to the next, their video is ready for them.

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