Wayfinding Kiosks

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Touch-Interactive Directions

Wayfinding is a type of touchscreen kiosk application that aids visitors in navigating through building structures likes malls, convention centers, and airports. Our wayfinding applications are custom made to your building and can allow your visitors to search via floor, category, or keyword.

Our Wayfinder/Directory Kiosks will provide an extremely helpful service to your attendees and businesses alike by providing a detailed and interactive map of your facilities. You can additionaly include sections for paid advertisements for an extra revenue stream!


Key Functions

• Custom made 3-D map of facilities + Directory

• Search via floor, category, or keyword

• Show best route from kiosk to chosen destination

• Include sections for paid advertisements

• Play promotional or advertisement videos on idle screen


Content Creation

Creating the content for digital signage solutions is the most time consuming and costly aspect of the project, often more so than the hardware itself.

Our team of diligent content builders will work with you to create the Wayfinder and Directory system of your specifications.


Customized User Interface

The user interface design is up to you - tell our Content Builders how you want your layout to look.


Custom Kiosk Designs

Our kiosks are fantastic with Wayfinding. They come as a complete hardware and software solution package that includes a Samsung panel with a touchscreen overlay, a built in PC with preinstalled Windows, and an outer frame with a backlit logo insert area. They can be customized to any shape and orientation, placed outdoors, and can be dual sided. Different components such as a webcam, credit card reader, bar code scanner, and thermal printer can be embedded into the outer frame.

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Signage Management

Our wayfinding application is run through Q-Sign, our signage management software. With Q-Sign, you can manage multiple kiosks through a remote PC; removing the requirement of being physically there. From your remote PC, you can also send instantaneous emergency alerts and broadcasts to all kiosks.

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Color Calibration


ZDS guarantees the perfect color calibration for every panel on our video walls.
All of our panels in a video wall set are manufactured on the same line, on the same date, guaranteeing perfect matches. Individual panels may vary in color and intensity due to factors caused individual components aging - not something to be worried about when the panels are all manufactured on the same line!
Using a color calibration system and software, each individual panel's color is calibrated and matched. However, this is normally not enough. 
Most companies and software claim that auto calibration is possible, but it is a truly rare case. The dark greys are the hardest to calibrate, 
and it really is only possible with the human eye. The software allows for "easy calibration". However, without practice and know-how, this is not so easy. ZDS will do the initial calibration, and teach you what must be done if calibration is needed. Our software allows manual, human eye calibration of each panel by changing RGB brightness and contrast points, one by one to ensure perfect color calibration. 
The service is guaranteed by ZDS, and no one else.
(Show an image of NASA video of black space and white stars)
Calibrating a NASA videos is truly difficult. Their content is usually satellite images and videos, showing the darkest of darks and brightest of brights, which is difficult to have multiple screens calibrate with one another. ZDS techs will calibrate to perfection.


Digital Signage Rentals


Let Zoom Digital Signage provide a turnkey solution for your event. We offer 46" or 55" LED/LCD video wall rentals for corporate events, meetings, trade shows and conventions.  Our on-site technicians, programmers, and professional installation staff know how to impress people! 

  • Custom programming is available for showing your contents the way you want it.
  • Our staff will be at your event for on-site tech support.
  • You can connect any kind of device to our systems to view your contents, or you also can use our powerful media players for your high resolution contents.
  • Any kind of configuration is available with our customized bracket and frame system.
  • We price match - We offer the lowest prices, guaranteed. We will match any price to prove it.

Video Walls

Commercial Grade 46" or 55" in 450 or 700 nit

Ready to use in any array

Booth design is able to intergrate

Touch Screen compatible


Touch Tables

Commercial Grade

Touch interactive

Comes ready with software

Customizable content



Commercial Grade

Touch interactive

Comes ready with software

Customizable content & logo



Used hardware for sale

Our used video wall products are on sale, all of which provide remarkable savings compared to brand new purchases.

Please contact us for more information. 


Model Type of Display Bezel Size Screen Size Brightness Description Download  Price
ZD844K  4K Commercial LCD/LED  N/A 84"  350 nit NEW/Open Box   View Specification   Call For Price
ZD702K Full HD Commercial LCD/LED 2.76" 70" 450 nit NEW/Open Box  View Specification  Call For Price
ZV46C 3x3 Video Wall with Bracket



46" 700 nit Used less than 400 Hours (1% of Lifetime) View Specification Call For Price

Customized Touch Table

Design your furniture with built in touch screens and players.


Our customized touch tables are perfect for public spaces, exhibits, museums, research labs, and or even a park. The housing for the table is fully customizable per your request. 





ZDS Dealer Program

Interested in becoming an approved Distributor or Integrator of our products? Zoom Digital Signage works closely with a huge network of partners to deliver the highest quality, cost effective and easy to use digital signage solutions in the market. The success of our partners is important to us and we offer some programs that can be tailored to fit your business needs. Zoom Digital Signage is a well known and respected name in digital signage industry. We work closely with our partners to help them shorten sales cycles, expand within market segments and win business opportunities.

Benefits of Becoming a ZDS Dealer:

  • Dedicated sales support to help you close deals
  • Product training on/offline
  • Excellent technical support
  • Favorable product margins


Apply to become a Zoom Digital signage sales partner by filling in the business partner application form below.


Business partner application form                                                 Already Registered

70" Commercial Display


  • Perfect for POI displays in stores, public places, lobbies and exhibitions.
  • High Definition quality with 450 nit display.
  • Dual touch IR
  • Robust power supply
  • Commercial grade Samsung DID panel
  • HDMI In/Out





           Commercial Grade DID panel from Samsung                                                 Analog & Digital video signal daisy chain compatibility 


          Bulit-in Video wall processor controls up to 10x10 array                                                              Installation flexibility



Display Panel

Number of pixels 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 400
Contrast Ratio 3,000:1
Refresh Frequency 60HZ


HDMI (ver 1.3a) 2
Component 1
RS232C 1
Audio yes

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