Video Walls


Our displays are created from the highest quality commercial grade panels. In order to combine the panels, we manufacture a customized input board solution that allow the panels to be daisy-chained.

These standard-raising panels are LED back-lit LCD displays and are of the newest technology in the market. LED backlighting is great for reducing energy and allows for a thin display panel. Each panel supports 1080p, and each added panel adds another 1080p to the resolution—allowing for large images or videos to span across multiple configured display panels without stretching or losing image quality.

ZDS is also setting a new quality standard in being able to offer the thinnest bezel size available—3.7mm across from bezel to bezel. Displays are equipped with an advanced heat dispatching technology which allows continuous operation.



16:9 Aspect Ratio 1080p (HD) High Brightness                   178° Viewing Angle

High Contrast Ratio Long Continuous Life Low Energy Consumption LED Backlit LCD




Standard or Custom Arrangements Unlimited Display Expansion


High-defenition Daisy Chain

Our newly designed board gives you much easier cable management experience for videowall system. Equipped with up to five different inputs ( DP, DVI, VGA, S-Video) and one DVI output for easy cable management. Connect your multiple devices to videowall with single cable for daisy chain.




Wall Mounting Brackets

Swing-in Mount
Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

The swing-in Mount is a bottom panel swing out open structure. It will give you the most convenience for on-wall Video Wall installation and maintenance. Electronics Video Wall board and power board can be replaced without any dismantling of panels. This solution is the most highly recommended for embedded wall installations.

Slide-in Mount
Precise Alignment

In a slide-in mount bracket system, Video Wall panels are inserted by sliding them into the system with wheels installed on the top and bottom that guide the panel for smooth alignment. The panel slides to the left or right and can be singularly removed for maintenance. It is the most budget efficient solution possessing perfect alignment.

Jabara Mount
Sturdy and Easy to Maintain

The jabara mount allows its mounted display to be pulled directly forward and pushed back in again. It allows for a large work area so that maintenance workers do not have to fumble through a tight space. Placing the display back is as easy as pushing the display back in place.

Free-Standing Mounts

Box Frame
Clean and Conveneint

The box frame is ideal for mobile and/or temporary Video Wall display installations. Displays are easily accessible through a rear opening—making adjustments and maintenance easy. The box frame is great for conveniency coupled with a clean look. The bottom of the frame can be fitted with optional locking wheels.

Aluminum Profile
Mobile and Temporary

The aluminum profile mount is also ideal for mobile or temporary Video Wall display installations, as it is light weight and provides open access to the rear of each panel. This is most recommended system for temporary Video Wall setups as it is light weight and the most ideal for traveling.




UNB Ultra Narrow Bazel 3.7mm

Our UNB displays measure 3.7mm thin from bezel to bezel and range from 46"-55" with a 16:9 aspect ratio. They are currently the highest quality displays for video walls. They are gorgeous in person and simply cannot be compared to consumer panels. The UNB is best for content that must be displayed on the most stunning video wall possible.

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SNB Super Narrow Bazel 5.5mm

Our SNB displays measure 5.5mm thin from bezel to bezel and are available in 46"-55" with a 16:9 aspect ratio. They are the second thinnest displays available, but can be just as jaw-dropping. They are ideal for video walls with content that does not require the thinnest bezel.

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Narrow Bazel 6.7mm

Our NB displays measure 6.7mm thin from bezel to bezel and are available in 46" with a 16:9 aspect ratio. They are ideal for video walls with content that does not require the thinnest bezel.      

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*All of our products are assembled and serviced in South San Francisco, CA